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IG live Guest with Co-Founder: Gala Mukomolova

Queer Healers Interview

M.O.V.E. with Eileen + Amy

M.O.V.E. with Eileen + Amy is a podcast that goes behind the scenes of the dance world. In a realm often portrayed as glamorous and perfect, we share candid stories that show the highs, lows, and dedication of dancers and movement artists from all backgrounds. Our mission is to normalize their experiences, challenge stereotypes, and illuminate diverse paths. Each episode provides a safe space for personal anecdotes, struggles, and pivotal moments, aiming to widen the understanding of dance. Join us as we break free from scripted narratives and reveal the true heart and soul of this art form. 


A podcast for dancers and movement artists illuminating the person within the process of visceral artistry.


Eileen Kielty

Eileen (she/her) is a queer multi-disciplinary artist, teacher & performer as well as a clairsentient intuitive movement coach. She has degrees in both dance & psychology as well as extensive training in somatic integration, embodiment & intimacy practices & is passionate about consent-driven spaces with an emphasis on social justice. Eileen has held countless positions within the arts, fitness, wellness & educational space. She recognizes the importance of illuminating the darker, often hidden, parts of the human experience through sharing openly & authentically as we’re not meant to do this alone. She is the creator & founder of Kaia Evolutions, a culmination of her life’s work & a love letter to her sister, Katie, who died by suicide in 2019. Eileen believes in the power of creative expression & its ability to reveal the unspoken language of being alive; the body always knows & movement is our direct connection to our deepest truth.

Amy Kubat

Amy (she/her) is currently working as the Artistic Director of TwoPoint4 Dance Theater in Sacramento California. She has received her AA, BA, and MFA in Dance as well as certifications in Acrobatic Arts, Function Range Conditioning and is working toward her certification in Bodymind Dancing. Amy has followed her heart and instincts over her 20 year career into a vast and wide ranging assortment of dance techniques and jobs, including ballroom, dance science, ballet, modern, teacher, model, assistant, speaker, scholar, director, faculty, pole dancing, aerial work, commercial dance, somatic based movement practices, and so many others. The accumulation of knowledge in all of these different styles of dance has brought her to the conclusion that most dance techniques that would be considered very different are actually rooted in the same principles and foundations. It is Amy’s purpose to make all movements accessible and inclusive to anyone that wants the option.

Grief & Light Podcast

Grief & Light Podcast

Host: Nina rodriguez

Nadjalisse “Nina” Rodriguez is founder and host of the Grief and Light Podcast, created after the unexpected loss of her only sibling, Yosef, as an authentic exploration of grief and life after loss. Through each conversation, she aims to give a voice to the griever’s experience, and foster a more grief-informed, hopeful world. Beyond the podcast, Nina extends her grief-informed support through monthly circles, personalized mentorship, speaking engagements, active presence on social media, and forthcoming in-person retreats.

Nina Rodriguez

Listen to the Episode below where Eileen was a guest on Season 2.

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