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Relaunch & Renewal

"to reintroduce"

"an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption"

new logo for Kaia Evolutions


I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you!

Kaia Evolutions has undergone a brand and website refresh to better serve you. This process has been months in the making and has been incredibly emotional for me. As we were heading into the New Year, coming out of the fog and trauma of these past few years, I recognized the need to disentangle some of the intense layers surrounding my legacy business. Not only was Kaia birthed 8 months after my sister's death by suicide as a shared mission, but it was launched a month before lockdown. To say it's been difficult to maintain clarity and vision with such upheaval would be an understatement. I was fortunate enough to have a colleague and friend, Kristen, who does brand and marketing development who was available and willing to take on my refresh...extending undeniably generous patience as I consistently resisted decisions, delayed deliverables and self sabotaged my own growth. Because I knew there was no going back. That my former website lived as both a reminder and hinderance of my attempt to straddle my old, disintegrated self with my most authentic embodiment. So much of Kaia Evolutions has been a living memorial for my sister and the work she started while she was earth-side while I worked to clarify where that left me and my work; as we had promised to do it together.


Kristen, a fellow Sagittarius and fiercely fiery leader was incredibly honest, direct and tough with me; a welcomed dynamic. She point blank said "'re the only one holding yourself back here. There is NO reason why you aren't fully booked out other than the fact that you're so focused on what you DON'T want to do."

And I couldn't agree more with her.

It's true.


So much of my fear surrounding stepping into my most authentic self expression and the work I'm meant to do here is directly linked to all of the times I have attempted to retrofit into places and spaces that meticulously demanded I only bring the parts of myself they felt comfortable with / could use to their advantage.

You're a dancer? That's great!

We'd love to hire you to assist the dancers in their performance because you're great at seeing the bigger picture and you're more valuable off the stage.

You're an administrator? That's great!

We'd love to hire you to build new systems that we need but then won't follow because we're unwilling to change.

You're a trainer? That's great!

We'd love for you to teach our methodology but be sure you stick to the script because we don't feel comfortable with you bringing your other knowledge in and standing out.


Many of my meetings with Kristen surrounded the basic clearing of fear. Getting out all of the self limiting beliefs ESPECIALLY surrounding my need to prove my knowledge, value and expertise. I have always felt "too spiritual" for fitness and "too scientific" for spiritual work and "too artistic" for therapeutic work and "too magical" for dance / movement work...but it's literally been because I'm meant to do something unique. To bring all my parts together to help facilitate others in their somatic integration and embodied alignment. It's the work I have always done in every space I've been in, I am just naming it now.

So...what can you expect in the work that I do with individuals, groups and organizations?


An integrated approach, catered to whoever I am working with, that acknowledges all the parts AND the whole. Bringing awareness to how our physical, mental, emotional, creative, sexual, energetic and psychological systems all interact with each other to inform us on a daily basis.

Sometimes we will stretch, sometimes we will scream, sometimes we will journal, sometimes we will breathe, sometimes we will channel, sometimes we will vent, sometimes we will listen in the stillness.


I have always felt uncomfortable "selling" my services to others...making "promises" surrounding results...presenting my offerings as a "solution". Because I have seen so many people with much less training, experience, integration, knowledge and awareness do harm in their marketing in order to "make the sale".

This has been such a disservice to my own work.

I have never had an issue educating people on and promoting the many courses, workshops, trainings and methodologies that I have taken from others or have taught over the years when I was working for someone else. Because they were so clearly beneficial to me and to others when I had a separation surrounding "being chosen"...if it was someone else's business or methodology or class, I wasn't tied to rejection.


What I can tell you is this...

Somatic integration and embodiment practices have changed my life. Trusting and honoring my intuition has restored so much of my confidence and clarity with decision making and boundaries. Moving my body, however "small", while deeply listening to my own visceral voice and the collective's message has reminded me of my own power and my connection to source. All of my degrees, certifications, trainings, workshops, schooling and experiential knowledge has brought me to this moment now...where I can proudly and lovingly offer my services to you from a deep place of gratitude and humility with an embodied understanding that it's not for everyone AND it is needed and necessary.


If you're feeling pulled to work together, curious or intrigued, I would love to feel into this with you.


If you're interested in learning more about Kristen and her brand / marketing development, be sure to check out her work at Alcheme NYC.

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