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Past Offerings

Embodying Our Sacred Essence

In this 8 session course, Eileen and Jessica facilitated a small group of participants through somatic inquiry, intuitive movement and guided breathwork to build greater awareness and connection to the sacred self; grounding the learning in the 4 elements of the natural world.

What Moves You

A 12 episode webinar series that featured a biweekly guest doing inspiring, helpful, healing or transformational work - part interview, part workshop, part interactive Q&A - viewers benefited from learning, experiencing and discussing each guest’s work plus a post episode bonus offering (discount code / free content / etc).

Workout with Eileen + Marie

This fitness collaboration featured 6 weekly classes (plus an online virtual library of content) over the course of 17 months during COVID lockdown where Eileen and Marie, both friends and colleagues, established a 2-coach approach; one trainer demonstrating while the other taught the class.

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