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"What Moves Us"

(in-person Pop-Up Intuitive Movement Class)


Have you been feeling:
In Pain
In need of a change
A longing for community are not alone.

How does your body want to move? What in your body is needing to move?
Let's discover together and re-establish trust in our bodies.

This pop-up Intuitive Movement Class is open to ALL beings (not just "dancers") and will include:


Embodied practices
Somatic integration
Open conversation
Building a community
Tapping into deeper authenticity
Creating & maintaining a safe container for creative exploration
Moving in general - not just physically but emotionally, mentally, psychologically, energetically

Movement is not just physical - it is emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, sexual. It is energy. When we feel stuck or uncertain, in pain or lost, we are out of flow. Our energy has become stagnant. More often than not, our society pushes us to “think” our way out of things, to tell our body to “feel” better / different / more positive. But our bodies are always communicating with us. They know much more than our minds. What we have labeled as bad or negative is just information / intuition / message. Utilizing intuitive movement as her guide, Eileen will help participants drop into their bodies, find and expand safety, deepen their connection to themselves and tap into their authentic empowerment by building trust in their inner knowing.

This pop-up class will be offered in-person at Gibney Dance. Please note that Gibney has 2 locations - 280 Broadway (Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall area) and 890 Broadway (Union Square). The location will always be specified for each date.


Masks are (currently) encouraged but not required.

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