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"What Moves You"


Dionne Monsanto

Powerful - Joyfilled - Energized

"How to Be Your Best Self: No Matter What is Going On in the World"

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Episode 12

Dionne Monsanto graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hunter College with a BS in Accounting in 1994 and became a certified life coach in 2009. She was a founding member of Theater on the Edge and was its first treasurer. A performer since childhood, she has used her theater skills in a myriad of ways. These skills have helped her tremendously as a mental health advocate and public speaker.


Dionne has been on the board of the NYC Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) since 2014 and has completed a 3-year term as Chair of the Board. She is a native New Yorker who began her work with AFSP in 2009 with their Community Walk in NYC, moved on to Advocacy (locally and nationally), was trained, became a board member and then part of their speaker’s bureau. She has trained the NYPD and community organizations. She passionately speaks about and trains people internationally in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. As the current chair of the Education Committee, she led the first Talk Saves Lives training via Zoom.

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Shortly after the death of her 15-year-old daughter by suicide, Dionne left her 20-year financial services career and became a full-time yoga and dance teacher in 2012. Since then, she has taught thousands of classes internationally.


Dionne is the Executive Director of The Siwe Project, a mental health organization named after her late daughter, Siwe. She believes that telling her story continues her healing and keeps her daughter’s memory alive. As such, Siwe Lives was a featured article in the January 2014 issue of Essence Magazine on her journey as a care provider treating her daughter’s mental illness. She was also a guest on *exhale* TV, Exploring Mental Illness. She has been on radio shows and done PSAs. In the Spring of 2019, she was one of the speakers on dadasphere and the first guest on the Big Fat Talk Show. (Both can be viewed on their respective YouTube channels.)


Dionne has conducted multiple “Talk Saves Lives” trainings for the NYPD, as well as with Community Partners, Border Patrol & Protection, and others. She is the AFSP media liaison for radio and TV. Dionne has initiated suicide prevention education in Kenya, where she spends a good deal of her time annually. Due to her relationship with Befrienders Kenya, the country hosted its inaugural Survivor Day in 2019. She is also certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer.


Dionne’s role as a resource and mentor for other AFSP board members has helped the board function more cohesively. Under her leadership, the NYC chapter saw a $200K net growth in chapter events. Most recently she was the first African American elected to the Chapter Leadership Council of the National Board for AFSP. She was a panelist on their first Diversity and Inclusion panel in January 2020 and has created a curriculum for them to diversify the organization over the next 12 months.

What you can expect in Dionne's episode!

Emily Mure

Artist - Teacher - Creativity Coach

Episode 11

"Creativity & Flow for Happiness & Self Expression"

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(previously recorded on 8/12/20)

Emily Mure is a singer-songwriter, teacher and creativity coach. She attended LaGuardia High School for the performing arts and has a degree in Oboe Performance with an outside field in Psychology from Ithaca College.  After nearly 13 years of playing the oboe and pursuing classical music, she switched her focus to folk-driven music and began pursuing a career as an independent singer-songwriter and guitarist.  She made this switch because she felt confined by the structure of the classical music world and wanted to make her own rules and write her own songs.  In eleven years, she has recorded three full length albums of original music, one EP of covers, co-produced other musicians’ records, and consistently tours nationally and internationally.


At the beginning of her career, a friend asked her to teach a songwriting workshop at a high school in Maine.  It was her first time teaching and she was immediately hooked.  Her passion for teaching and helping others develop their own passions and creativity kickstarted a new dimension of her multifaceted career as a self-employed creative.  Nearly a decade later, she is balancing her performing and recording career along with her private teaching practice and coaching practice.  


Emily has since pursued training in mindfulness meditation and is a candidate for certification at the Creativity Coaching Association.  Her passion as a coach mirrors her own passion for creating art.  Her mission is to empower others to develop their own unique passions and to unblock the fears that get in the way of pursuing those passions, whether professionally, personally, or both.  She views creativity and self expression not as a luxury reserved for the fortunate few but as a necessity for happiness, health, and for the positive evolution of culture.  As a coach, she utilizes her expertise as a dedicated artist, teacher and helper.  She holds space for you, holds you accountable and holds your passions up in highest regard.  That’s where they belong. 

To listen to Emily's Music

Check out her Artist's Page on Spotify - CLICK HERE

What you can expect in Emily's episode!

Katie Kelley, LCSW

Kind - Energy Activator - Truth Seeker

Episode 10

"Our Energy is Our Most Valuable Resource"

Practical Tools for Raising Your Energetic Vibration & Increasing Your Emotional Resiliency


(previously recorded on 7/22/20)

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this Episode will receive a LIVE 60 min group session (on 9.17.20) to continue practicing EFT tapping for releasing beliefs/traumas that the group would like to focus on!

Katie is a psychotherapist and truth seeker living and working in NYC. She has been in private practice full time since 2011 and blends spirituality and energy psychology into her work with clients. After receiving her Masters in Social Work, she attended a four year, post-graduate clinical training program with the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.


Katie's work is focused on helping clients see and feel their true, organic nature often uncovered through the release of old energy from the past rooted in trauma, loss and dysfunctional patterns of relating that were taught and experienced. There is no fixing involved, just a need to remember our wholeness.

What you can expect in Katie's episode!

"Women in Wellness Building Strength & Holding Space"

Episode 9

What you can expect in this Episode!


(previously recorded on 7/15/20)

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a FREE fitness class taught by Marie, Francesca, Kristyn & Eileen!

Marie Carroll

Manifestor - Coach - Designer

After spending 20-plus years building a career in graphic design and marketing, Marie stepped out from behind the desk and pursued her passion for fitness. She’s now a Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor who specializes in corrective exercise, Pilates and functional fitness.


Marie’s journey from a self-identified “creative problem solver” to a “fitness coach” was full of self-doubt, self-criticism, and struggles with “imposter syndrome”. Challenging her own fears, insecurities, and learning to “get out of her own way”, she learned to embrace all her life experiences. By marrying her “two worlds” instead of compartmentalizing her skills and experience, she carved a unique voice as a fitness coach and creative thinker. 


Being compassionate, holding space for her clients’ various experiences, and finding human connection is at the heart of all her client relationships.

Francesca Santangelo

Energetic - Adventurous - Creative

Francesca has been a part of the dance and fitness industry for over twenty years. She owned her own studio, The Dance Depot, in Queens NY and as the director there led her students to overall choreography and costume awards at many regional and national competitions. Her solo students consistently place in the top five and were chosen for various scholarships throughout the country. While at the Dance Depot, Fran made sure to get her students excited about community service and had them dance for different benefits including Breast Cancer Awareness and Hurricane Katrina. She was asked by the public school system in NY to lend her talents to an after school program which she costumed, choreographed and directed for three years. She started a second business, Mini-Me Creations after realizing that there was a lack of exciting and creative costumes for her students to wear. She has branched out with this venture and now helps many studios in the NY/NJ area costume their students for recital and competition. She has also helped to design costumes for two Miss New Hampshire contestants competing to go on to Miss America.


Always trying to learn new things, Fran got into the judging end of competitions in 2006. She was an adjudicator, stage manager and master teacher for Dancers Inc. Fran traveled the North East with the company sharing her love of dance and giving young dancers and choreographers a piece of herself. She is sought after as a jazz funk, hip hop and tap choreographer throughout the area. Never one to let a trend pass her by, Fran started doing yoga ten years ago. As the fitness industry progressed so did Fran. Her love for fitness and keeping young children inspired and healthy led Fran to get certified not only in Zumba, but also spin and yoga. And just to be safe, she is CPR certified. She has found a way to combine her dance and fitness training into making one of the most exciting fitness classes in the NY area. Her students have performed at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and Arthur Ashe stadium as well as being nationally televised for a national dance competition. Many of her students have gone on to the Professional Performing Arts High School in NY as well as Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. Her love for dance and fitness blend seamlessly to make Fran one of the leaders of her industry in the NY area.

Kristyn Moss

Driven - Intentional - Emotional

Kristyn is a Supply Chain Manager by day and a fitness instructor by night. Her full time job brought her to New York, but her "fun-time" job makes her complete. An avid lover of fitness, Kristyn decided to give herself a birthday present in 2016 when she received her Spin Certification from Mad Dogg Athletics. What started as a curiosity quickly became an integral part of Kristyn's life when she accepted her first temporary spin teaching position. 4 years later, it's difficult for Kristyn to imagine things B.S. (before Spin) - pre-pandemic Kristyn was teaching 3-4 classes per week at Club Fitness in Astoria.


Kristyn's classes are about physical and mental strength - the goal is that you'll leave class better than how you came in. The music bumps, the energy and the resistance stay high, and there's always an air fist bump waiting for you as you leave class. Kristyn has fitness to thank for many life-long friendships and for a healthy and much needed outlet in days full of work, grad school, and life in general. She is always looking for new ways to make fitness fun and she'll try anything once. 


As we navigate these crazy times and are faced with change in every direction she thinks it's important to stay rooted in a few constants. Be good to yourself, be good to your body. Protect your mind and protect your heart. Push yourself and extend yourself grace when the push just isn't there. This is your moment, make it count. 

Ann-Marie & Mandy

Dream Evolution

Transformation - Empowerment - Support

"How to Step into Your Dream" Workshop

Ann-Marie Jeanette, President / Co-Founder

Episode 8

BONUS: Everyone who registers for this episode will receive a FREE mini workshop on "How to Harness Resistance to Make S*&t Happen" from Ann-Marie & Mandy!


(previously recorded on 7/1/20)

Dream Evolution is a non-profit organization founded by Ann-Marie Jennette and Mandy Ho. Their vision is to empower people to transform their dreams of contributing to humanity into reality. 


They are both big believers of transformational education that can help every human being to create better relationships and live a more fulfilled life. As a result, it can create a ripple effect of contribution and empowerment to every human life that is touched by that one person who has done the work. 


They believe that you have someone amazing to contribute to the world, and transformational education is a pathway to help get it out. Money shouldn't be the reason that’s stopping you. That’s why they founded Dream Evolution - a non-profit organization that provides financial support for people to participate in transformational education in order to make their own difference in the world. 


In this episode, they will introduce you to Dream Evolution and the scholarship opportunities that are available. On top of that, they will be sharing about the challenges we face in pursuing our dreams and how to step into your own dream in a powerful way!  

Mandy Ho, Treasurer / Co-Founder

This Episode is FREE, however 50% of any/all donations will go towards Dream Evolution scholarships (Dream Evolution is a 501c3 non-profit organization and 50% of your donation (less transaction fees) will be tax-deductible) the other 50% will be donated to The Trevor Project by Kaia Evolutions.

What you can expect in Ann-Marie & Mandy's episode!

Fran Gerstein, LCSW, BCD

Therapist - Teacher - Writer

"Strengthening the Broken Places"

Fran Gerstein, LCSW, BCD has been in private practice for over 30 years, working with clients and families dealing with eating disorders, addictions and other destructive symptoms. Since the loss of her son, Daniel, in 2014 she has focused on helping family members survive the loss of a loved one to substance abuse or suicide. Fran has published numerous articles and authored a book titled, Grief from the Inside Out: Creating Meaning Around the Loss of a Child from Substance Abuse Or Suicide.


She has served as adjunct faculty for the University of Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr School of Social Work and Jefferson University.  She is a frequent lecturer on topics including eating disorders, and grief and loss.

Episode 7

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode will receive personalized guidance on identifying appropriate resources for grief & loss from Fran!


(previously recorded on 6/24/20)

To purchase Fran's Book

"Grief from the Inside Out"- CLICK HERE

What you can expect in Fran's episode!

Brenda Hung

Sound Alchemist - Facilitator - Artist

Brenda Hung is an artist and a certified sound therapy practitioner utilizing vibrational sound and energy work in both private and group sessions. She also holds certifications in yoga and mindfulness meditation, and is an attuned Reiki II practitioner. Brenda guides each sound journey with her voice and infuses angelic melodies throughout the experience to promote deep relaxation, entrainment, and balance. She brings a soothing and calm energy to her sessions and creates a nurturing space where participants are encouraged to connect within themselves and to follow the guidance of their own inner teacher towards healing, love, and acceptance.


Brenda received her BFA in Painting from Boston University and MA in Art, Education, and Community Practice from New York University and believes the healing arts aids us towards our own unique creative expression and embodiment of who we truly are. Brenda currently teaches and leads creative group workshops combining mindfulness, sound, and the visual arts throughout NYC, works privately with clients, and offers corporate wellness sessions.

"Open-Hearted Presence & Intention Setting Through Sound"

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a FREE 15 minute sound meditation audio recording from Brenda!

(previously recorded on 6/10/20)

Episode 6

What you can expect in Brenda's episode!

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a 25% OFF discount code for each purchaser’s first session with Dr. Joe (virtual or live) that does NOT expire. Additionally, an individualized 10 minute mobility routine will be sent after seeing Dr. Joe that the client can do on a daily basis to maintain health. 

Dr. Joseph Turcic 


Healer - Learner - Giver

"Managing Stress & Achieving Physiological Balance to Conquer Pain" Workshop

Joe is a physical therapist who is focused on the person and not only the injury or condition. His unique treatment approach is aimed at finding the root cause of what is throwing your body off balance and helping you achieve neutrality.


Joe holds various certifications in manual therapy, strength and conditioning and mobility coaching. Joe graduated from Touro College School of Health Sciences where he earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, graduating with distinction. Joe has a long history in the fitness industry working as a trainer for many years, along with having competed in powerlifting. He has utilized his background, continuing education, and experience to formalize a truly holistic style of treatment. Joe works primarily with runners, cyclists, dancers, circus performers, and various athletes, with a skill set affording him insight and passion for all dynamic movers. He also enjoys training Kung Fu, weightlifting, and reading inspirational books.


Joe works in New York City and is recently opening his own practice in Manhattan. His passion is to provide the best quality health care for his clients.

Episode 5

(previously recorded on 6/3/20)

What you can expect in Dr. Joe's episode!

Mandy Ho

Practical Woo-woo - Creator- Life Designer

Mandy Ho is a life designer who combines clarity coaching, healing, and interior design to help clients bring more peace and calm into their daily lives and create the life they want to live. 

"Clearing Your Emotional & Mental Closets"

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a FREE Release & Healing Session from Mandy!

Episode 4

(previously recorded on 5/27/20)


Mandy has been a lot of things in her life - from an engineer to a financial consultant to a certified life coach to an artist. What she learned is that we often see life in a disjointed way, and we try to “fix” one part of it without looking at life as a whole. That’s why she created a unique approach to work with the physical, mental, and emotional spaces all at once. And it’s not about fixing any part of you, because you are not broken!


The focus of her work is about removing the things that get in the way. She believes that you are already whole and complete. If you’re not happy with where you are right now, it’s only because there are layers of dust and dirt (and baggage and beliefs) that have built up in our physical, mental, and emotional spaces. All this stuff might have been familiar and safe for awhile, but they are also holding you back. Once we declutter the spaces and clean out the crap, you naturally have the ability to spread your wings and live the life of your dreams. 

What you can expect in Mandy's episode!

Kerry Offsey

Designer - Planner - Tastemaker

"Interior Design Tips for an Inspired Space"

Kerry Offsey always wanted to be an interior designer. So much so, that when playing ‘Bank’ with friends in pre-school, they stopped playing with her because she took too long laying out squares of paper towel to look like the tile on their town bank’s floor. A detail no one else found important to set the scene.


With an undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology, Kerry has always been interested in people and how they live and connect. She used this as her base philosophy on her application to only one design school, Parsons, and decided her acceptance, or rejection would decide the fate of her future.

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a FREE mini design consultation from Kerry for one of your rooms!

(previously recorded on 5/6/20)

Episode 3


Her career started at an architecture firm specializing in corporate interiors. It is there where she became most interested in the psychology behind design and design as a way of optimizing function and employee well-being. After 2 years, she switched lanes, joining an internationally acclaimed high-end residential firm, employing the concepts learned from corporate design to the home space.


Kerry works in New York City, and has worked on projects spanning from Austin, Texas to Tbilisi, Georgia (the country!). Her work is realized through interests in people, culture, travel, spatial relationships, art and architecture. She’s happiest when getting lost somewhere new yet equally so at home, getting lost in inspiration. 

What you can expect in Kerry's episode!

Jessica Garet, LCSW

Empath - Psychotherapist - Creative

"Guided Breathing & Somatic Release" Workshop

Jessica Garet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with offices in Midtown West, Manhattan and Astoria specializing in a holistic approach to working with creative professionals and trauma surviviors.


Jessica draws upon a variety of treatment modalities, shaping her approach to each individual's presenting concerns. She invites her clients to bring the wisdom of the body into the session, incorporating mindfulness, breathwork, and somatic experiencing to offer a well-rounded and trauma-informed approach.


Breathwork is a guided form of active meditation that utilizes a 2 part breath technique to help a client drop into the body, slow down, notice and connect to the energy that is being held and find a deeper sense of knowing and release.

Episode 2

BONUS: All attendees & purchasers of this episode receive a FREE additional Breathwork Session from Jessica!

(previously recorded on 4/29/20)

What you can expect in Jessica's episode!

Chris O'Neil

Healer - Artist - Entrepreneur

"5 Simple Steps to Body Awareness" Workshop

Chris O’Neil is a certified massage therapist, health educator, and wellness coach with a private practice in Los Angeles. He specializes in a philosophy of practice called BCT (Body Communication Therapy), which emphasizes the focus of working WITH the body and it’s communications, instead of ON the body. 


With over 12 years of experience in bodywork techniques, Chris has expanded his practice to include an educational brand called Massaging The Truth. The goal of which is to provide education, awareness and empowerment to clients and therapists alike, through demonstration, collaboration, and entertainment.


Chris is currently building and work-shopping multiple step by step programs to inspire and empower those interested in expanding their awareness and self-care skills. 

BONUS: All purchasers of this episode will receive a FREE additional educational video from Chris!

(previously recorded on 4/22/20)

Episode 1

What you can expect in Chris' episode!

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