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"What Moves You"



EPISODE 1 - "5 Simple Steps to Body Awareness"

Guest: Chris O'Neil

Join Chris, a Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach, as he provides steps to build awareness & self-care tools surrounding physical aches & pains with this Workshop. 

BONUS: a FREE additional Educational Video from Chris!


EPISODE 2 - "Guided Breathing & Somatic Release"

Guest: Jessica Garet, LCSW

Join Jessica, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who specializes with trauma & easing anxiety within the body & mind, as she helps participants to find space & grace utilizing guided breathing & somatic exercises.

BONUS: a FREE additional Breathwork Session from Jessica!


EPISODE 3 - "Interior Design Tips for an Inspired Space"

Guest: Kerry Offsey

Join Kerry, an Interior Designer, as she offers steps to help create a personally reflective space that inspires function, clarity & growth. Through some editing & refreshing of what you already have, a renewed energy can be brought to any space.

BONUS: a FREE mini Design Consultation from Kerry for one of your rooms!

Mandy Ho

EPISODE 4 - "Clearing Your Emotional & Mental Closets"

Guest: Mandy Ho

Join Mandy, a Life Designer, who will be sharing a few of the root causes of our emotional & mental blockages to help identify our (sometimes hidden) baggage & offer healing techniques to let go & live the life we truly want to live.

BONUS: a FREE Release & Healing Session from Mandy!


EPISODE 5 - "Managing Stress & Achieving Physiological Balance to Conquer Pain"

Guest: Dr. Joseph Turcic

Join Dr. Joe, a Physiotherapist, as he shares ways to manage chronic pain, especially during high stress situations, to be able to create the environment within our bodies for optimal healing & recovery.

BONUS: a 25% OFF Discount Code for your first session with Dr. Joe (virtual or live) that does NOT expire. Additionally, an individualized 10 minute mobility routine will be sent after seeing Dr. Joe that you can do on a daily basis to maintain health!

Brenda Hung

EPISODE 6 - "Open-Hearted Presence & Intention Setting Through Sound"

Guest: Brenda Hung

Join Brenda, a Sound Therapy Practitioner, as she offers a sound bath meditation experience to aide in balancing energy within the areas of our lives that maybe need a little more stability; utilizing ancient techniques through vibration & sound.

BONUS: a FREE 15 min Sound Meditation audio recording from Brenda!

Fran Gerstein, LCSW

EPISODE 7 - "Strengthening the Broken Places"

Guest: Fran Gerstein, LCSW

Join Fran, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Board Certified Diplomat, as she leads a conversation surrounding grief, loss & the mystery of resilience as well as discussing the concept of Post-Traumatic Growth. Additionally, she will be providing resources for processing & moving forward in life after a traumatic event.

BONUS: FREE Personalized Guidance on identifying appropriate resources for grief & loss from Fran!


EPISODE 8 - "How to Step into Your Dream" 

Guests: Ann-Marie Jennette & Mandy Ho

Join Ann-Marie & Mandy, the Co-Founders of Dream Evolution, as they break down what gets in the way of our dreams, how we lose sight of what we want & how to redefine, refocus & manifest our dreams into reality.

This Episode is FREE with an optional donation.

BONUS: a FREE mini Workshop on "How to Harness Resistance to Make S*&t Happen" from Ann-Marie & Mandy!


EPISODE 9 - "Women in Wellness Building Strength & Holding Space"

Guests: Marie Carroll, Francesca Santangelo & Kristyn Moss with Eileen Kielty

Join Marie, Frankie, Kristyn & Eileen, Fitness Trainers, in this roundtable discussion about various topics within the fitness & wellness industry including body image, imposter syndrome, what it means to be a strong woman & how all of them hold space for their clients & themselves while building mental & physical strength.

BONUS: a FREE Fitness Class taught by Marie, Francesca, Kristyn & Eileen!


EPISODE 10 - "Our Energy is Our Most Valuable Resource"

Guest: Katie Kelley, LCSW

Join Katie, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as she utilizes an EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) tool, aka "tapping", to help clear traumatic energy from the body after she leads a grounding meditation.

BONUS: a LIVE 60 min Group Session (9.17.20 at 630pm EST) to continue practicing EFT tapping for releasing beliefs/traumas that the group would like to focus on!

Emily Mure

EPISODE 11 - "Creativity & Flow for Happiness & Self Expression"

Guest: Emily Mure

Join Emily, a Creativity Coach, as she discusses the concept of Flow & the 7 Criteria to identify when we are in Flow as well as some resources to access Flow when we need help tapping into it. She will then guide the attendees through a creative exercise geared towards self expression & empowerment.

BONUS: a 50% OFF code for a Coaching Session with Emily!

Dionne Monsanto

EPISODE 12 - "How to Be Your Best Self: No Matter What is Going On in the World"

Guest: Dionne Monsanto

Join Dionne, a Yoga Teacher & Community Leader, as she provides tips on how to take yourself from 100 to 0 bringing balance back into your life when internal and external factors disrupt our wellness. Additionally sharing ways in which she implements these tips in her own life.

BONUS: a FREE pre-recorded Yin Yoga session from Dionne!

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