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Jordan Eagle Photography
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A defining trait of Eileen's that touches both her personal and business interactions, is her infectious personality. Eileen is a positive, open-minded person who welcomes new people, tasks, and challenges with absolute enthusiasm! When she is unsure, she asks questions with confidence, and is eager to learn. Eileen consistently approaches both professional and personal goals with a clear and organized plan of action; yet when obstacles arise, she is prepared and flexible, remaining undeterred. Based on her work ethic, sincerity, talents, and confidence, I would like to absolutely endorse Eileen!

Anne Hugus

Professional Photographer & Dancer

Eileen brings many things to the table as a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer. I have worked with Eileen as both a fellow professional dancer and as her student. Dedication, positivity and creativity are attributes she embodies in whatever capacity she is working. Eileen is a skilled teacher, whose patient and holistic approach make learning rewarding and fun. As a dancer Eileen is versatile and smart, as well as a giving performer. I highly recommend Eileen.

Audrey LaVallee

Professional Dancer & Dance/Movement Therapist

I would hire Eileen again in a minute. She covered many dance classes as a substitute at my studio. Her friendly and sunny personality, her level of knowledge and expertise, plus her absolute professionalism made her a favorite among everyone.

Fontaine Dubus

Artistic Director of The Dance Place & Exit Dance Theatre

Eileen is simply a professional. In every sense of the word. Her approach to performing is detailed, accurate and precise. I have photographed her in my studio, on location, in dance rehearsals and performances. She has shown strong creative skills, eagerness to experiment, as well as demonstrating raw courage on many occasions. Never one to complain. But often offers suggestions for improvement which always prove correct. When working with Eileen, one is reminded that collaboration is such a joy that it can be the 'end in its self'

Richard Hydren

Professional Photographer

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