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Creator / Founder


Eileen Kielty

Clairsentient - Artist - Entrepreneur

Eileen is a queer, NYC-based artist who has spent most of her life asking the question, “why?” Her curiosity for the underlying reason, motivation, drive, story, feeling or instinct behind a choice, decision or action has led her to search for countless resources throughout her life. As a lover of story-telling, community, learning and teaching, Eileen has held positions of leadership and management across the arts, health & wellness, fitness and educational communities. As a believer in the power of the human body and spirit, Eileen is committed to utilizing a combination of eastern and western practices for a holistic approach to health and wellness including mindfulness techniques, meditation, energy work, mental and physical therapeutic techniques and a strong connection to the spiritual side of the human experience.


As a dancer and performer, Eileen does her best to listen to where her body wants to take her, how it wants to move and express itself and enjoys playing with improvisation with prompts (a keyword or concept) when she is creating both for herself or with collaborative dancers and artists. As a highly intuitive clairsentient, Eileen experiences others emotions and feelings in her own body; oftentimes feeling anxiety or physical pain as a result of another’s worry, struggle, issue or fear. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, Eileen has found ways to produce creative solutions for others through various skills sets she has developed over the years; from professional organizing to fitness mentoring to countless positions she pitched / created for multiple organizations. 


Most of Eileen’s adult life has been spent searching for how she could combine and connect all of her transferable skills that she picked up through survival mode after being out of the house at 18, suffering 2 (potentially) career-ending injuries and putting herself through school. She knew she wanted to utilize her love of psychology in conjunction with the arts as well as her love of health and fitness and performing. This venture was not clear but she knew that her passion for connecting the dots, cultivating community and collaboration and using creativity to illuminate the tougher, darker or often hidden aspects of the human experience was her focus.


Then, on June 14th, 2019, her older and only sister took her own life. She was 37 years old. Katie (or Kiki or Sissy or Sister) was a doula, reiki master, massage therapist, shaman, medium, highly intuitive healer. A second mother to Eileen and her twin soul. 


Kaia Evolutions, Eileen's life's work and a love letter to her sister, seeks to support and promote the restoration of safety, intimacy and empowerment; providing resources, opportunities, outlets, content, collaborations and information to create space for healing, deeper embodiment and integration. Eileen has known what it feels like to be disempowered, disconnected and unsafe. She has also witnessed how that can change someone’s ability to truly see and safely be themselves. Eileen’s hope is to create a hub where tough topics can be discussed, difficult conversations can be had, experiences can be shared and shadows can be brought into the light because we can’t do this alone. Although we each have our own individual experiences, our common thread, Eileen believes, is our need for a sense of self, purpose and connection; the search for our individual meaning and how it connects us all.

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Certifications / Workshops

The Embody Lab

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy



PAX Programs

Understanding Men

Understanding Women

Understanding Sex & Intimacy



Genevieve Pleasure

Deep In Workshop

The Orgasmic Arc Course


Center for Healing Shame

Healing Shame Core Workshop

Degrees / Trainings

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Lesley University

magna cum laude


Associate of Arts in Dance

Dean College

summa cum laude


Independent Study & Summer Intensive Programs

The Ailey School


Institute for Community Action Training

Gibney Dance


Certifications / Leadership

*AntiGravity Fitness

3 Star Instructor Trainer

Director of Training & Curriculum




Level 1&2 Instructor - Lagree Fitness

Head of Training & Development



Balanced Body:

Integrative Movement Series

Core Training Intensive


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