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"Alchemized Embers"
How to Harness the Magic of Fire


(virtual 8 Session Group Course)

Stay Tuned for the Next Round


Thursdays at 6pm EST - 90 mins - LIVE via Zoom - $400* for 8 Sessions



alchemy = "transform the nature or properties of (something) by a seemingly magical process."


ember = "slowly dying or fading emotions, memories, ideas, or responses still capable of being revived.”


What will I learn?

Embodiment Practices

Somatic Integration

Energetic Discernment

Intuitive Trust


20+ Resources & Tools

Taught over 8 Sessions

with audio & video support


Is this for me?

Have you been yearning for a deeper connection to your power and authentic self?

Do you consistently feel a pull towards purpose?

Have you struggled with disentangling yourself from expectation and/or judgment?


Are you sensitive to energy and want to navigate sensations from an empowered place?

Do you feel the urge to inhabit more space within your own body?

Are you wanting more intuitive connection to your inner voice?

What to Expect:

Weekly Group Sessions

Channeled Guidance

Space Holding & Space Creating

Pre & Post Session Prompts

Suggested Playlists


Deepening of Self:

Awareness / Honor

Compassion / Love

Clarity / Discernment

Creativity / Expression


Each Session will focus on the element of fire and how it directly relates to our power and identity within our bodies, our relationships and our lives.

Every week we will navigate an embodied theme through the lens of fire, working to disentangle the lack or overflow of this divine energy. 


As always, we will move through Kaia's energetic processing, ensuring safety, intimacy and empowerment. 

what will I learn
what to expect


For far too long I have spent so much energy on “calming my fire” or “dimming my light”…realizing at a young age that my doing well, being happy, having hopes and dreams and pursuing them had the potential to hurt others.


What I have come to truly realize is just how wrong I got it…my energy, my passion, my strength, my drive, my motivation, my fire was not hurting other people. It was firing up their internalized embers, their forgotten parts and despite how hard many have tried to convince me that I’ve burned them the reality is that more often than not they haven’t been tending to their own fires. They have been ignoring their own smoke signals. They have lost their connection to this internal warmth, their own motivating fuel and it has caused them pain.


My fire has the ability to spark and reignite what has been forgotten - and so does yours. This can be a painful process that activates resentment, competition, regret, fear and shame.


For most of my life I have been working to challenge myself to take big chances, chase dreams and be brave. I didn’t have anyone in my life that was pursuing a life they wanted, a life they dreamed of, a life that was intentional and fulfilling. The main driving factor for me has been to inspire others by showing what’s possible…that if I can do it, if it’s possible for me…then they can do it too. Because, as the saying goes, you can’t be what you don’t see. But I left myself out of the equation…do I even know if I can actually “do it”? 


I’ve played small for a long time because my biggest fear has never been failure (I have plenty of experience in the failure department)…my biggest fear is actually my power, my uniqueness, being my most embodied self. And I know that I am here to do work like THIS, to provide the spaces and places where we can truly meet ourselves; our fullest selves.


So what if the fire that I’ve been told that I have too much of is actually here to overflow for others? What if those “slowly dying or fading emotions, memories, ideas, or responses still capable of being revived” can be “transform[ed]…by a seemingly magical process”?


The process of honoring yourself. The process of noticing the smoke signals. The process of fanning the flames. The process of setting fire to your life. Not to destroy but to transform, not to hurt yourself or others but to heal, not to be burned but to be fueled. 


What can we reignite together?

This course will have a strong focus on the element and energy of fire. Honoring the divine themes of passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, boldness, being daring, having a competitive spirit, power, confidence, leadership, clarity and anger. 

  • Stay Tuned for the Next Round

  • Thursdays at 6pm EST

  • 8 sessions total

  • 90 mins

  • Final session is 2hrs

  • LIVE via Zoom

Schedule / Logistics:


  • $400 - if you sign up for early bird pricing

  • $444 - full price

  • Limited space

Like 1on1 H.O.P.E. Coaching, sessions will aim to help attendees re-member the feeling of trust in the body through intuitive somatic integration utilizing movement modalities.


This can include (but is not limited to):

-Mindfulness Tools

-Embodiment Practices

-Self Massage



-Intuitive Channeling

-Trauma Relief & Release


-Space Holding & Space Creating

-Movement Sequences*

*Movement = physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, sexual, energetic

As with all Kaia Evolutions offerings, the mission is always focused on restoring safety, intimacy and empowerment through movement, coaching and performance.

is this for me

5.11.23: Session 1 - "The Smoldering Spirit"

Smoke & Mirrors - discernment surrounding the lies we tell ourselves


5.18.23: Session 2 - "The Weight of Waiting"

Making Decisions - tapping into embodied consent

5.25.23: Session 3 - "Residual Ash"

Cutting the Cords - forgiveness & release

6.1.23: Session 4 - "Lost Incandescence"

Anchored Play - inner child restoration

6.8.23: Session 5 - "The Fumes of Our Fathers"

Patriarchal Parameters - recognizing divine yang energy 


6.15.23: Session 6 - "Flickering Flames"

Braving Growth - the need for consistent fueling & nourishment


6.22.23: Session 7 - "Brilliant Beings"

Full Embodiment - taking up space in our own bodies


6.29.23: Session 8 - "Alchemized Embers"

Magic Fire - transmuting our essence into action

Check Out What People Have Been Saying About "Alchemized Embers"

Alchemized Embers is a game changer. Eileen was able to hold the space for not only the light and warmth of our fires but also its destructive power. I received so many well curated and simple tools for embodiment that I can say that my fire is alive and burning bright within my body. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, especially if you are having a hard time just being. This workshop was a godsend.

Deborah Sarah Mizrahi-Benaim

CEO of Esoteric Living

Eileen is fire magic. She is an intuitive guide who channels spirit through her body. Her energy is electric and she fiercely navigates the dense matter with grace and commitment. Being in this group is pure alchemy. My fire is burning steady now. It is a testament to the space she holds.

Jessica Garet

Somatic Embodiment Intuitive (LCSW) 

Breath, Heart & Soul Guide

Eileen led me to finding and reconnecting with my power source, my fire. During the 8 sessions, there was time for breakdown, reflection, trial and error and growth. By the end, I felt I was able to stand and meet myself, unapologetically. I feel ready for my continued evolution and growth as a person. I feel closer to my full being. Thank you Eileen, for always showing support for us, giving space for our hard feelings, and celebrating our progress, no matter how small.

Amy Kubat

Woman of Letters & Witch

Pioneer of 3 Brains Theory & Methodology (MFA)

Somatic Dance Practitioner

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